Olga Lishansky
Tune Your Life to the Song of Your Heart
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Individual Sessions & Group Workshops

“Everyone has a gift. It is a matter of finding it, growing it and sharing it” O.L.

  1. Are you feeling stressed and frustrated with your life?

  2. Are you experiencing lack of confidence?

  3. Do you want to get into shape and look amazing?

  4. Change your career and do something you are passionate about?

Olga developed an innovating coaching system (“The New Renaissance”)

focused on the activation of your own powers of mind, body, soul and

emotions. This system will help you to master your own self and to create

changes in your life, from inside out.  

Olga’s method integrates such techniques as meditation, sacred fitness,  

affirmations, music therapy and more. It helps you to connect to the Core of      Real You, and from there to unfold your potential.

There is a way. You have power built in You. Let Olga (certified life coach)

help you to activate it.

Listen to 3 min. Olga’s Story

Contact us for an addition info.

“Thanks Olga for awaking the power within me - for putting a  new light into my soul” Ron
Life Coaching
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“Thank you Olga for inspiring and empowering me! My life transformed! I feel amazing” Deborah
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